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My name is Ashton, and this is my personal website. I created it to better organize my thoughts and experiments by formatting them as blog posts, and sharing them with a wider audience. I've written a bit more about the philosophy of this site here.

I come from a small town in Michigan called Bay City, and attended Central High School, where my formative experiences included running cross-country, playing piano, trumpet, and steel drums in band, and programming my TI-84 calculator to solve sudoku puzzles. I went on to study mathematics at GVSU, and I completed a masters degree in bioinformatics at the University of Michigan, where I also learned to play the carillon.

These days, I write code for a living. Weekdays, you can find me at Blumira in Ann Arbor, where I'm helping to build an automated threat detection platform.

In my free time, I like to explore the nearby outdoors by foot and bike, and play music whenever I can.